How to KonMari your Marketing Program to Spark (More) Joy

Inspired by Marie Kondo’s hit Netflix series and best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, North Americans have gotten bitten by the KonMari de-cluttering bug and are on a mission to surround themselves only with joy-sparking objects.

Marketing 101: P is for….

While each of the Marketing Ps are extremely relevant in today’s business landscape to achieve your goals, we can’t help but feel that one is most important. People.

Marketing Beef Jerky: From a Commodity to a Branded Snack Food

There is no denying the power of great marketing. Many brands have successfully reinvented themselves through strategic branding, creating revitalized campaigns to suit their new goals and target market. The rise of beef jerky, however, is unlike most product revivals we’ve witnessed over the years.

Anatomy of a Great Social Post

Getting noticed amongst the social clutter can be challenging. While scrolling through our Instagram feed, we pass by hundreds of posts and every so often come across something that makes us stop and engage. What is it that makes these posts unique? Here we share the simple, yet effective anatomy of a great social post. In just five easy steps your next post can be the one that makes your audience stop scrolling.

Gain Earned Content with an Influencer Campaign

Earned content or media is publicity generated via a 3rd party. It is based on sharing information and includes reviews, social media mentions and interactions, and published mentions in other formats like print or broadcast.

The Best of Both Worlds: Five Steps to Follow for Successful Brand Collaborations

“It takes two to make things go right… it takes two to make it out of sight!” With the rise of brand collaborations in the past few years, the idea that two is better than one has never been more apparent. From the automotive industry to tech, food and beverage to fashion, many brands are looking outside of their industry to partner with a like-minded brand in order to offer a new, exclusive, buzz-worthy version of their product or service.

5 Sins of a Social Media Strategy (and How to Fix Them)

How many times a day do you check-in on your social media accounts? Once a day? Over your lunch and coffee breaks? A goodnight scroll through your feeds? On average, Americans check their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other accounts 17 times a day (that’s at least once every waking hour!)

Lights, Camera, Action… Bringing Video into your Social Media Strategy

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and we couldn’t agree more. Eye-catching visuals are the cornerstone to a successful social media campaign. Lately, however, video has been giving photographs a run for their money.

How to Unplug, while Maintaining your Online Identity

In a previous post, we touched on items to include on your business’ New Year’s resolution list, but today we focus on personal resolutions. The first item: unplug.

New Year’s Resolution List: Five Advantages of Hiring a Marketing Agency

With only one month left in 2016 many of us have thoughts and aspirations for what 2017 will bring. As we reflect on past resolutions, both solved and unsolved, we consider what could be improved upon, or accomplished in the New Year ahead, personally and professionally.

Successful Brands Begin with a Solid Marketing Strategy

Tactics take time, money and resources to execute. At the end of the day, every entrepreneur wants to maximize their return on investment for their marketing dollars. So, what’s the quickest route to profitability through wise investments? Having a thoughtful marketing strategy based on research, reflection and purpose.

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