How to KonMari your Marketing Program to Spark (More) Joy

Inspired by Marie Kondo’s hit Netflix series and best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, North Americans have gotten bitten by the KonMari de-cluttering bug and are on a mission to surround themselves only with joy-sparking objects.

By applying Marie’s principles of organization, evaluation, purging and showcasing what is of utmost importance, you can re-focus your marketing strategy to really highlight what makes your brand the best choice for your customers. Here’s how:

1. Examine your WHY: Take a look at your company’s purpose statement and see if it is still relevant or if it needs tweaking. If you do not yet have a Why, take the opportunity to define the passion that ignites your brand. This will be the ultimate benchmark when deciding what to purge or keep in your toolbox of marketing tactics.

2. It’s all about them: Assess your target customer’s pain points and how your brand addresses their needs and wants. What problem are you solving for them? What do they gain from using your product or service? How are you helping them to be happier, more efficient, richer, calmer, etc.? Zero in on how you can spark joy by improving their lives.

3. Marketing plan review: Evaluate your current marketing strategies and tactics to ensure that they all support the creation of joy for your customers. Shift your programs and content to address their needs.

4. Out with the old: Say goodbye to outdated materials and content that no longer support and promote your WHY. This fix requires a sweep of all your marketing and sales materials, including your social media profiles, website and printed tools. Purge all irrelevant and non-brand enhancing social/blog posts, sales sheets and more. While you’re at it, clean up your e-mail database and accounts you’re following on Instagram.

5. Show-off your best brand: Now that you’ve de-cluttered your marketing, it is time to highlight your most valuable assets. Continue to use examples, visuals and testimonials to inspire customers and associate your brand with the notion of joy. Ultimately, you want to ensure that your brand is in the joy pile, when your clients are tidying up, with the KonMari method.


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