Know Your Brand.
Reach Your Target.

Suite 203 takes a collaborative approach when working with your team to design and develop the best combination of strategies and tactics to reach the right people, at the right time.

Through a series of branding exercises, research, analysis, goal setting and creative review, we will determine a targeted plan of action for your brand to become the #1 choice for your customers.

We offer various packages to cater to businesses of all sizes and growth stages. Get in touch to find the best fit for your brand.


  • Become crystal clear on who your ideal customers are and which marketing tactics speak to them
  • Build and articulate your brand's positioning, personality and essence
  • Develop an engaging and result-focused marketing plan that uses the right strategies and tools to meet or exceed your goals and objectives
  • Create total consistency across all communication channels, from sales tools to the website to social media
  • Save time and money by prioritizing strategies and focusing on what works best
Ongoing Brand Consulting

Ongoing Brand Consulting

Maximize ROI with targeted marketing strategies

This ongoing partnership is for the executive who recognizes the value of creating a strong brand but may not have the time, expertise or internal resources to champion the creation of a strategic marketing plan.

You can focus on your core business while Suite 203 acts as your Chief Marketing Officer. Over the course of 6-12 months, we will build the foundation needed to successfully market your brand in a targeted and sustainable way. We’ll develop a roadmap to maximize your ROI and achieve your business goals, from increasing sales to building brand awareness.

The consulting process includes customer research and market analysis, brand positioning strategy, marketing communication plan, tactical timeline and budget.

Upon completion, you’ll have a clear path to reach your desired target market, engage with them across multiple channels in an authentic way, get them buying your product/service and acting as unofficial brand ambassadors by telling their friends and family about you.

Brand-Storm Workshop

Brand-Storm Workshop

Prioritized action planning to conquer your marketing challenges

This day-long brand-storming session is designed for start-ups, solo-entrepreneurs and small businesses. With key-stakeholders around the table, we will focus on your specific marketing challenge; be it launching a product, capturing a new target market, or maximizing your current marketing and communication tactics to effectively reach your goals.

At the end of the workshop you will have an actionable plan of marketing strategies, prioritized to make a big impact in the short term.

Sounding Board Sessions

Sounding Board Sessions

Expert marketing advice, on-demand

A series of five 2-hour long calls or meet ups to share and strengthen ideas that you feel require an expert opinion. Suite 203 will offer advice, inspiration and a fresh perspective on your marketing challenges and opportunities. As well, we will share tactical tips, tricks and best practices to help you reach your full marketing potential. Sessions can be used to coach your team on specific marketing tools such as social media, blogging and/or media relations.