New Year’s Resolution List: Five Advantages of Hiring a Marketing Agency

With only one month left in 2016 many of us have thoughts and aspirations for what 2017 will bring. As we reflect on past resolutions, both solved and unsolved, we consider what could be improved upon, or accomplished in the New Year ahead, personally and professionally.

Business owners, in particular, should take the opportunity to map out resolutions for their company/brand. Here’s a resolution that may be on your list: hiring a marketing agency.

There are numerous advantages to outsourcing marketing to an agency including creative expertise and the financial benefits. Here, we’ve outlined five benefits of hiring a marketing agency and why it deserves a place at the top of your New Year’s resolutions list.


Expertly speaking

With years of experience working with a variety of clients, some agencies (like Suite 203), have a rich understanding of marketing solutions and branding strategies, all of which will be available at your disposal. From tried and true programs to innovative, disruptive ideas that will get you noticed, a reputable agency will help you to develop and reach your goals with thoughtful, advice based on solid experience.

It makes $ense

The bottom line in most business decisions lies within the cost-benefit analysis. Expanding your in-house marketing communications team means the addition of salaries, systems and space (when is desk-space not at a premium!). Hiring an agency allows you to pay one source and save on salaries, overhead, and benefits. Plus, you get to take advantage of costly marketing tools that are shared amongst a firm’s clients.

Time is on your side

While a truly great campaign always looks effortless, the reality is it takes time. The experience an agency holds allows for them to accomplish a variety of projects quickly, with little management and direction. By leaving this area to the experts you will save a lot of time and energy, all of which can be put to better use in your day-to-day tasks and in focusing on overall business growth.

An outside perspective

In any role, it is important to keep an open mind and think outside the box, however, sometimes this is easier said than done. The ideas and methods a company uses in pursuing their marketing strategies often become second nature to employees, leading to a fogged vision of how their company may appear to the outside world. With an agency, you can balance your brand identity with an outsider’s perspective, with the added bonus of competitor knowledge to develop a plan that is targeted and in line with the brand vision.

So you may not get to the gym as often as you’d like, and that desire to learn a foreign language might only last a few months, but if you can accomplish one resolution in 2017, it should be hiring a marketing agency. Get in touch to learn more about how Suite 203 can add value to your marketing and communication efforts and make that resolution a reality.

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